A battle between the two


MSN and Whatsapp. Is the word MSN familiar to you? Or has it turned ancient in a corner of your brain? When I first started to use Whatsapp, I was fascinated by it. Just feel the lighting speed and the convenience of whatsapp, you will be wowed. I have to say I kinda missed MSN but at the same time I love Whatsapp!

However I begin to realise the difference between these two when I study closely their culture. Nod with me if you agree.


1. No more goodbyes. 

Seriously! In MSN, we use to say good bye to each other and wish each other good night & sweet dreams. However, in whatsapp now they don’t do that anymore. Once, I whatsapp my friend and ended the conversation with a goodbye, she said that it was kinda weird to say goodbye because in whatsapp, in her opinion, the conversation is forever going-on and non-stop.


2. No more “texting”.

The word “texting” seems to be mummified and kept in a museum because now, and the word “whatsapp” seems to be on the shelves and selling hot.


3. A new divide between people who uses whatsapp and texting.

People who use whatsapp often asked those who are texting why the aren’t using whatsapp, and there seems to be some weird tension going on here.  In conclusion: the “whatsapp” group just don’t want to spend that few cents on one message.

Why long beep 76gas billboard

4. The incredible noise and constant interruption from whatsapp.

Groups have more of this in whatsapp. Just hearing that beeping notification is enough to make you go off especially if it rings at least once every 2 hours or so. A simple greeting may suddenly look terribly annoying and unnecessary.

images (3)

5. The change of profile pictures and goofy names appearing.

Remember how your friend smiled with a hat? A few hits for her name and her picture was changing to a sunny one hugging her bear in a different hairstyle. Complete stranger. And you were wondering where the heck did she go to when you tried to find her contact on whatsapp.



Sakura is here.

It is near Spring in Japan and just look at their gorgeous cherry blossoms.

They are lovely!

Here’s an interesting word for you:

Hanami- the centuries-old tradition in Japan that involves picnicking beneath sakura.



Their white petals are like the pureness of a woman, so holy and beautifully clean.


It’s like sitting under heaven when you are sitting under a cherry blossom tree.

To me Sakura is like hope and love combined together in the warmth under the sun.

Enjoy the rest of the photos. 😀












Cherry Blossoms






This one is especially for you:



-You are more beautiful than you think you are. Like the cherry blossoms that blooms so lovely~ God created you to be worthy, darling. Trust that and never cease to love yourself and surround yourself with love. 🙂



1. mashable.com

2. google.com


Confident smilies as promised. :)

-In case if you realise, I don’t really take selfies. I don’t really like exposing myself too much to the social media but because of the promise I have made about the posting of confident smilies, I shall post them on behalf of my promise and you, most importantly.

-I realise I have a couple of different smiles. 0.0 Have you realised yours too?

-In all five photos, I tried picturing my friends while smiling (except for number 6).


1. The champion photo to represent my confident smiley. At least the best I can take.



2. The Princess Diana smile. Don’t know how I got this.

Ok ok don’t throw eggs on me. I am innocent!!




3. The distant smile. (Wasn’t looking at the camera directly actually.)




4. The long hair selfie. Spent 1 year to grow this hair.




5. The look at you, smiling and curious smiley. This is my child-like smile. Charming eh? Ok ok, I shut my mouth already.




6. Basically, was acting cute here. Bawahahahahaha.

Please don’t throw shoes at me. Admit it. You have done it before too. 😉





-Didn’t expect that didn’t you? Well, surprise. I tried a different angle and didn’t know I could look so funny! I was laughing my heads off for this. ^^


6 things to do during a breakdown.

1. Don’t take it all in. Looking at yourself negatively and feeling the burden of the world will not seem right as it brings feelings of increased doubt, low self-esteem and insecurity, which is hard to move forward when you want to communicate a message of change and solution. Quieten yourself. Calm down. 🙂 Find a place to spend your negative energy. Don’t bottle it up on yourselves! It’s unhealthy. Go and do something to diffuse that energy into good energy. You can do it!


2. Don’t play the victim role. “Why me?” and “It’s not fair” are all statements that will prove yourself being disabled. Try not to dampen your spirit and give yourself space to grow. Stop being the victim! You are worthy in God’s eyes. God LOVES you and don’t want you to be a victim so stop giving yourself excuses, if you need rest, go ahead and rest first! Let the victim role pass on to the skies above onto God’s shoulders. You are made for a change. I sincerely believe you can do it with God’s given potential in you!



3. Don’t leave the negative feelings and thoughts behind unmentioned. It’s important to talk about your disappointment and yet at the same time not focus on this. We want to focus on what you want to feel and align yourself with God’s power. Let’s get motivated and enjoy yourselves while making a change (this is kinda painful at times). Let your negative feelings and thoughts flow naturally but don’t let them contaminate your mind!!



4. Don’t repeat and expect the same results. Look into ways that will change your approach towards things. Come on, don’t try to hit the wall so many times and injure yourself. Why not try a different way to solve things? It might work out, you know! You never try you never know. Darling, sometimes things are just the way they are so let’s change the things that we can change. You’ll see differently!



5. Find a mentor to guide you. Have someone to support and guide you along the way. Or rather surround yourself with people like that, because they help you to view how the situation is in a positive way and help you move forward. Support is important especially when you are feeling down and need help around you. Tell someone you really look up to and trust and yet at the same time has your best interest at heart. Nothing beats a good old advice with kind words. Pray too for God’s strength. You’ll need it. 😉


6. Understand why things work well even though it doesn’t work out. This is tricky. But you can see this as viewing all the things around you as a positive feedback, knowing the advantages of trial and error and trying to view things in a humorous way might brighten things up. Laugh it off with this joke, 🙂 : I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any.  Aha! Couldn’t find any trousers! Ok not funny. But anyway did you realise you just relax and smiled? Glad it worked on you. 😀




P.S: We all have our down moments. 🙂 Let’s embrace it and always be who we are deep down.. Never forget to look ahead and move forward. Remember to watch one of my favourite Disney movie– Meet the Robinsons. It really brings out that message! 😀 Hope you enjoyed your day and remember, I sincerely wish the best for you and honestly, I care for you, that’s why I am writing the articles for the sake of encouraging you to never give up!

Keep going, keep looking forward, Love. 🙂

5 ways to try to get creative.

1.Try listening to Reggae songs and piano music. You might get something out. 🙂 Combining both musics will give you a different mix.


2. Know your timing. Some people work better in the morning. Like what Simon Rich, a humour writer say, “I don’t usually have a lot of problems getting stuff done in the morning,”

download (1)

3.  Scribble around as many ideas as you have. Good ones. Cliché ones. Bad ones. Write them all down. Throw them down onto a paper and see which one sticks. “I just read this great biography of Charles Schulz, and he produced a new Peanuts every single day for half a century. And obviously not every Peanuts strip is on the same level, but still, it’s pretty staggering.” Rich describes.The more you do, the more you know what you are capable of.

download (2)

4. Different people works different, so respect your work patterns. “I know a lot of extremely talented people who are very successful who hate work and never do it,” Rich recalls.

download (3)

5. Forgive yourself. Capable works gets better in time.  “I remember being so upset because that novel accounted for probably half of the pages I’d ever written in my entire lifetime. Whereas a couple years ago I threw out a novel, and it was just a small portion of the pages that I had even written in that year.” Rich recalls.

download (4)

5 ways to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Surprise, World Down Syndrome Day is coming on this Saturday, 21st March. Let’s learn how to celebrate these beautiful children.

Click onto the pictures to check out the links.

1. Watch a documentary like Dakota’s Pride and enjoy. Enjoy the small snippets of life and the beautiful documentary from the perspective of a down syndrome child’s father.


2. Get inspired by this boy and venture into your passion and never give up. Gary here is so talented in boxing and is inspired to inspire other down syndrome child. Who says you can’t do what you love?



3. Enjoy this recent ad about down syndrome.



4. Read this beautiful blog about a mother whose second daughter is a down syndrome child.


5. Click this and enjoy the photos of beautiful down syndrome babies.

A child’s anxieties and worries.


– One day when I was in one of the churches as an volunteer here in Malaysia, I met a very energetic girl who was always running around but not communicating with her other friends. I feel very puzzled by her behaviour but I guess this was how I looked like when I was young as I was really naughty too when I was young. I shall not reveal her name here but I shall call her Marry. Marry was a typical child, quite charming actually I thought.

– As we were ending I saw that she was alone playing with the pole while the lead teacher was talking and she was straying herself from the rest of the group. So I finally gathered my strength and asked her: ” How come you are not in your group?” She looked away and didn’t reply me. Then she runs to another corner again playing with the wall or some sort. I asked her the second time and finally she answered me with a low-toned angry voice: “Everyday I meet people who don’t want to friend me and they don’t want to play with me.” And how her eyes revealed to me the three emotions bind together- shock, angry and scared. At that moment I feel her so well. Because it’s hard to not feel belong to a community of people who has the same interest as you. My heart reach out for her.


– Perhaps I wasn’t really trained well in kids, so I tried my best and replied the child: ” Well… Mary. You just need to find a new group of friends.” And she looked at me deviously and dumbfounded. After that, we were in a chase again and I had to chase after her and after several attempts she finally slowed down. “Okay, Mary. Let’s pray.” I told her. Then I put my hand on her back and started to listen to the gentle prayers of the lead teacher. Though I was only a volunteer that day, the child has touched me and I feel her hurt because I have felt it a lot of times before.

– At the end of the prayer, when everyone is going back, I called her and asked her for a small request: “Mary, can I hug you?” She nod her head and I opened my arms to hold her. I could feel her fragile heart beating against mine. And that was a beautiful feeling. I whispered to her: “Mary. God loves you. I love you. Promise me you will pray when you feel alone okay.” Then I hold her for a while, after that I let her go running like a horse again. Her eyes were calmer and the love seems to return to her soul.

– So the final story here is that we all have our worries and anxieties. Even a child has their anxieties in this world of ours. I hope we can treat everyone equally and kindly at least not to discriminate anyone. I truly believe we all have a voice. If someone ignores us or don’t want to talk to us, I believe it’s best that we try to avoid this person as they are not worth our time to invest in and it’s best we leave them alone with their own sacred group and find your own group who supports you and loves you for who you are. 


Goals in 2014.

-The 2014 me should be described as beautiful and inspired. I am hoping I can put more of my time in make-up and do some fresh new outfit styles but in the meanwhile I shall stick with the monday-friday clothes style as that would make things much simpler so that I can concentrate on the bigger things. Maybe I will try to be use some contact lens for this year. But definitely I couldn’t avoid the late night sleep. Will try to take more awesome pictures of myself smiling in confidence.


– To develop my musical skills in guitar and piano. For this year, I am aiming to get a good pass on my theory grade 8 in the hope to continue my diploma in piano so that I can teach kids in the future. Maybe I am also planning to take guitar lessons to improve on my guitar skills and I will try to at least practice three days a week on memorising the songs I have learnt before.


– To develop my skills for handling kids in church. For this, I am planning to concentrate on the kids and read more books, particularly the bible, about how to handle kids. Also, I am trying to make time for it the best that I can. Kids are my goal to venture into giving more of myself positively to this world. Maybe I will be planning to go to orphanages to help out on weekends to teach English to the Burmese children and help out in the poor community to give more of myself to the society.

– To add more value into people’s lives. Through Evan Carmichael’s one word, I found that the books, music and practically everything I do is related to empathy. I am going to concentrate from there to improve myself in that aspect and perhaps explore into performing arts, a field that I think my soul is hugely related.


-This year is going to be a time changing year for me as I will also try to improve my financial spendings and try to reduce my impulse buying ( I often buy on impulse as most girls do). I will record down all my transactions and try to spend as minimal as possible to make life simple. I will also try to change my perspective on money by viewing money more positively. For this I will be planning to buy some books for myself to look into and improve my perspective.

– To blog more often, at least three times here to update on you guys what I have been doing and to add something valuable into your lives as well! You are in my mind and I always hope to deliver my best and share the best of what I have to you. Sharing with you and giving you more of me is an honour for me and I couldn’t be more glad to update my blog for you guys.


Try not to please everyone but love those who keeps my best interest in heart. I think this is the main obstacle that is preventing me to move forward. For this year, I want to concentrate on who I am and what I’ll be doing in the future and be the best of who I can by surrounding myself by people who supports me and loves me for who I am and always has my best interest at heart. I will try not to look at things that are not me and discourage myself to be more like them because I simply am not. I will be planning to avoid people whom I feel are not so important in my life and that hurts me and ignites a hatred me part. I will try to reach out to a community who loves me and accepts me and my opinions.

Try not to fake a smile to often but smile naturally from my heart and be who I am. Genuine and authenticity is important to me. And I hope I can attract people and things so that I can form a vision of what I am doing in the future. I want to create a positive energy for people so that I can create possibilities and with God’s strength, I wish I could influence more people with his beautiful love.


Plan a trip to go to Penang and explore photography. I am planning to get some beautiful pictures there and get some inspiration on what I will be doing in my life for the next few years. Also, I may be planning to go to Germany. Will try reading up some maps and books about Germany. Hope I can go to a western country where classical music was invented there.