Nope, the page’s title is not my name.

Loo Wan Shin. 卢婉芯.  Yes. That’s my name. It’s a wonderful Chinese name, mind you.

However, because it rhymes in English, it will make you easier to remember.

Lou, Wan, Shin, Ah Shin (my mom used to call me that when I was young), Wan Shin are all usable but I prefer Lou. That’s because I read a story about a very strong and young girl called Lou in a fictional story. I liked the girl’s strong character so therefore, I like the name. (I still like my chinese name very much 🙂 )

In here, my blog will talk about life, my stories and old musics that I would love to just share with you. I hope you can get inspiration, new knowledge, a sort of comfort (that I have been there before), a new perspective and learn how to love yourselves more (especially girls).

070Sometimes, in life, I just want you to know we are not perfect.

We have our moments where we thought we did the right thing.

But in fact, it was a mistake. People makes mistakes.

We all do. But mistakes are good and I just want you to know that, mistakes are here for us to        learn. It’s there and happened for a reason.

Don’t be in control of everything, because you can’t.   Learn to let go. I am still learning too. Let’s learn together.

Signing off, WashingtheLoo, 卢婉芯.










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