Exposing my vulnerability: My fears.

Are there times when you think you have a little voice inside your head telling what you do? Or that sometimes you are unconsciously scared of something?

Today I am going to expose to you my fears. 🙂

There’s a thing about fear and how everyone has different ones. Do you have one as well? If you do, do share it below on the reply section. For me, to talk about my fears is like travelling into a deep tunnel and exposing my most inner self. So here goes nothing. :/ 🙂

1. I am scared of dreaming dark places with an evil atmosphere around it. Dreams_by_whisperfall

Dark places. Drowning. Falling down. Those are huge fears i have in my dreams even though I don’t hope for them to happen. I have dreamt of missing planes, ninja fights in a japanese teahouse, a hotel with a beach and a light beacon with a swimming pool inside it. Those are dark dreams that I dreamt about. Perhaps it reflects a part of me that is frighten and scared.

2. I fear of people seeing me naked.

A chicken's egg

Well, there’s no explaining to that. Lol. The plain look of their eyes and the awkwardness and the full exposure of my body is unimaginable.

3. I fear of being alone for too long.


Believe it or not, for the introvert I am, I have a limited time for quiet time. If the time is passed, I would literally just find anyone to speak my heart out and I would start babbling non-stop.

4. I fear of being scolded and shouted stupid in front of people.


I have a tendency to babble and when I do that sometimes, my thoughts are messy and I asked simple questions that don’t actually mean what they meant, but it was actually the other way round. When I get nervous, I tend to get a blurry and cannot think properly—a habit of mine since young.

5. I fear of falling down just because I wasn’t concentrating on walking.


At times, I felt as if I were flying (no, I am not on drugs, it just happens to me because I can get pretty imaginative) or floating in the air, and when I do that, I feel like my feet were useless and I can’t control them so I would trip myself on the floor,

6. I fear of not completing a task or a goal I have set myself to do.

images (1)

As far as my goals go, for me, sometimes the fear of failing to do them in time just because my mind jumps and gets distracted, would make myself really disappointed at times.

7. The fear of not waking in time or delaying certain class or work.


I have had dreams of waking up and brushing my teeth and having breakfast only to wake up finding myself late and needing to do it all over again.

8. The fear of not being accepted for who I am.

images (2)

I think this is when my ego starts to step in and control me. 🙂 But really, there will be times someone will judge you for being you. That is the time when you need to stand up for yourself and start being yourself. This is where you really need to trust your own instincts and creativity of being who you are. You are worthy and you are a creation of God– at least this is what I believe in.


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