A battle between the two


MSN and Whatsapp. Is the word MSN familiar to you? Or has it turned ancient in a corner of your brain? When I first started to use Whatsapp, I was fascinated by it. Just feel the lighting speed and the convenience of whatsapp, you will be wowed. I have to say I kinda missed MSN but at the same time I love Whatsapp!

However I begin to realise the difference between these two when I study closely their culture. Nod with me if you agree.


1. No more goodbyes. 

Seriously! In MSN, we use to say good bye to each other and wish each other good night & sweet dreams. However, in whatsapp now they don’t do that anymore. Once, I whatsapp my friend and ended the conversation with a goodbye, she said that it was kinda weird to say goodbye because in whatsapp, in her opinion, the conversation is forever going-on and non-stop.


2. No more “texting”.

The word “texting” seems to be mummified and kept in a museum because now, and the word “whatsapp” seems to be on the shelves and selling hot.


3. A new divide between people who uses whatsapp and texting.

People who use whatsapp often asked those who are texting why the aren’t using whatsapp, and there seems to be some weird tension going on here.  In conclusion: the “whatsapp” group just don’t want to spend that few cents on one message.

Why long beep 76gas billboard

4. The incredible noise and constant interruption from whatsapp.

Groups have more of this in whatsapp. Just hearing that beeping notification is enough to make you go off especially if it rings at least once every 2 hours or so. A simple greeting may suddenly look terribly annoying and unnecessary.

images (3)

5. The change of profile pictures and goofy names appearing.

Remember how your friend smiled with a hat? A few hits for her name and her picture was changing to a sunny one hugging her bear in a different hairstyle. Complete stranger. And you were wondering where the heck did she go to when you tried to find her contact on whatsapp.



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