5 ways to try to get creative.

1.Try listening to Reggae songs and piano music. You might get something out. 🙂 Combining both musics will give you a different mix.


2. Know your timing. Some people work better in the morning. Like what Simon Rich, a humour writer say, “I don’t usually have a lot of problems getting stuff done in the morning,”

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3.  Scribble around as many ideas as you have. Good ones. Cliché ones. Bad ones. Write them all down. Throw them down onto a paper and see which one sticks. “I just read this great biography of Charles Schulz, and he produced a new Peanuts every single day for half a century. And obviously not every Peanuts strip is on the same level, but still, it’s pretty staggering.” Rich describes.The more you do, the more you know what you are capable of.

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4. Different people works different, so respect your work patterns. “I know a lot of extremely talented people who are very successful who hate work and never do it,” Rich recalls.

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5. Forgive yourself. Capable works gets better in time.  “I remember being so upset because that novel accounted for probably half of the pages I’d ever written in my entire lifetime. Whereas a couple years ago I threw out a novel, and it was just a small portion of the pages that I had even written in that year.” Rich recalls.

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