Goals in 2014.

-The 2014 me should be described as beautiful and inspired. I am hoping I can put more of my time in make-up and do some fresh new outfit styles but in the meanwhile I shall stick with the monday-friday clothes style as that would make things much simpler so that I can concentrate on the bigger things. Maybe I will try to be use some contact lens for this year. But definitely I couldn’t avoid the late night sleep. Will try to take more awesome pictures of myself smiling in confidence.


– To develop my musical skills in guitar and piano. For this year, I am aiming to get a good pass on my theory grade 8 in the hope to continue my diploma in piano so that I can teach kids in the future. Maybe I am also planning to take guitar lessons to improve on my guitar skills and I will try to at least practice three days a week on memorising the songs I have learnt before.


– To develop my skills for handling kids in church. For this, I am planning to concentrate on the kids and read more books, particularly the bible, about how to handle kids. Also, I am trying to make time for it the best that I can. Kids are my goal to venture into giving more of myself positively to this world. Maybe I will be planning to go to orphanages to help out on weekends to teach English to the Burmese children and help out in the poor community to give more of myself to the society.

– To add more value into people’s lives. Through Evan Carmichael’s one word, I found that the books, music and practically everything I do is related to empathy. I am going to concentrate from there to improve myself in that aspect and perhaps explore into performing arts, a field that I think my soul is hugely related.


-This year is going to be a time changing year for me as I will also try to improve my financial spendings and try to reduce my impulse buying ( I often buy on impulse as most girls do). I will record down all my transactions and try to spend as minimal as possible to make life simple. I will also try to change my perspective on money by viewing money more positively. For this I will be planning to buy some books for myself to look into and improve my perspective.

– To blog more often, at least three times here to update on you guys what I have been doing and to add something valuable into your lives as well! You are in my mind and I always hope to deliver my best and share the best of what I have to you. Sharing with you and giving you more of me is an honour for me and I couldn’t be more glad to update my blog for you guys.


Try not to please everyone but love those who keeps my best interest in heart. I think this is the main obstacle that is preventing me to move forward. For this year, I want to concentrate on who I am and what I’ll be doing in the future and be the best of who I can by surrounding myself by people who supports me and loves me for who I am and always has my best interest at heart. I will try not to look at things that are not me and discourage myself to be more like them because I simply am not. I will be planning to avoid people whom I feel are not so important in my life and that hurts me and ignites a hatred me part. I will try to reach out to a community who loves me and accepts me and my opinions.

Try not to fake a smile to often but smile naturally from my heart and be who I am. Genuine and authenticity is important to me. And I hope I can attract people and things so that I can form a vision of what I am doing in the future. I want to create a positive energy for people so that I can create possibilities and with God’s strength, I wish I could influence more people with his beautiful love.


Plan a trip to go to Penang and explore photography. I am planning to get some beautiful pictures there and get some inspiration on what I will be doing in my life for the next few years. Also, I may be planning to go to Germany. Will try reading up some maps and books about Germany. Hope I can go to a western country where classical music was invented there.


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