My 10 best Ted ex talks.

Click on the link to view the video.

1.  My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns at TEDxMidAtlantic 2013. Beautiful and humble description of a teenager telling his story. “Surrounding yourselves with people who support you..” was one of his phrase speeches,


2. Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability. I didn’t know about the power of vulnerability until I watched this and am still fascinated by this.


3. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. How you act and correspond do affects how people view us.


4. Overcoming hopelessness: Nick Vujicic at TedxNoviSad. Hopelessness is a feeling we feel very often. But I hope it’s just a small voice that we ignore and respond with positivity, power and love.


5. Achieving greatness is a choice: Byron Reese at TedxAustin. I always listen to this when I feel down.


6. The universal role of music: Robert Spano at TedxAtlanta. Music is important and I feel so happy whenever I hear this.

download (2)

7. School is optional: Ken Danford at TEDxAmherst College. Gives me a different perspective on school. Explains why I don’t originally like school.

download (3) I

8. The skill of self confidence: Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU. “Practice, practice, practice and don’t accept failure.” Beautiful phrase from Dr. Ivan Joseph.


9. The power of seduction in our everyday lives: Chen Lizra at TEDxVancouver. Powerful, powerful deliverance of seduction. Let’s view seduction positively, not in the view of sexuality.


10. Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW. A beautiful view on obsessiveness and normality. How do you define normal? How do you define weirdness? This is a great talk about this perspective.



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