5 childhood expressions you will miss.

Click onto the pictures to view the videos.

1. That endless laughter. Remember the constant giggling that you can’t stop? It was so addictive that you just keep on laughing.

laughing baby micah mcarthur ripping paper today show



2. Emotional sadness expressed. Feeling the sadness in a song that leads you to be uncontrollably sad?




3. ¬†Uncontrollable tears. Remember your first sad song? I bet you don’t remember. But I think this is the first sad song for this baby. Lol.




4. Amazing speechless happiness. Just watching the rain fall her first time, this little girl is in awe. Remember your first-times? They will always be like this in your mind.




5. The wordless sour. Hah! And the grouchy face is priceless.



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