10 things to do when bad things happen.

Given the water ration happening in Malaysia, and the disappearance of the plane MH370, a lot of grim things have been happening around.  Let’s not get discouraged and pray for MH370’s safety.

Condolences to the family and friends of the happening. I feel bad and although I am not at your shoes and don’t get what you are feeling now, I pray for their safety and hope the few GIFs I have here would sooth your sadness…

So here are the 10 things to do when bad things happen  🙂


1. Know that everyone makes mistake. Learn to forgive with the love of God and be patient.


2. Tell your friends how you feel. Don’t let it in. Pass out the feelings and exchange it with love and positivity.



3. Always believe in miracles and never cease to give up even at the last moment. Never ever ever ever ever give up on miracles.


4.  Have hope. And never ever ever ever ever give up hope.


5. Always protect your love ones and never put the bucket of burden and blame on them. When things are out of control, we tend to want to pass the bucket of blame to someone else…


6. Think different. Think out of the box for new solutions. There is always a way to solve the problem or at least sooth the problem.


7.  View things differently in different perspective. You might find something! Look at the train and try changing the direction.


8. Find a way in everything. Ask for more when the chance is given and right. Ask for extra, there’s no hurt in asking for more when it’s the right time and right chance! It shows concern and giving is more.


9. See where your resources are at. You will be surprise to find so much resources at hand that you don’t have to start from the beginning!


10 Celebrate every mistake in your mind. It’s these mistakes that make you who you are and the things that have proven you you are right and where you were wrong. Life is always a set of trials and errors.





1. http://www.gifbin.com/988276


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