5 things I’ve learnt in #MSMW2014.

MSMW means Malaysia Social Media Week.

There are a lot of things I have learnt during Social media week. I hope you can get a few get-backs from my brief talk which is going to be kind of short.

  1. The One word.


Flappy word tells people one word, and it’s a strong emotion. And that’s annoyed.


One word is a strong word. It has to be related to what you are and who you are.

Advertising is like gasoline. In order to cause a fire, there needs to be a good campaign. From what Evan has said, to cause a good fire, you need a good campaign and some advertising which is the gasoline.

How do you identify if a campaign is good or not?

-They are good, in other words, you feel something.

-It is worthwhile to share.

– It stands for a very clear message that can be easily summed up in one word.

martin luther

One good example is Martin Luther King.

He stood for equality. His speech and everything he do seems to represent for equality.

One thing Evan point out which is very vital is that in every message, there must be an emphasis on that particular feeling you want to arouse in people. And then only you start to act upon the message.




2. The awesome celebrities.


How do we define celebrity?

– The status of being famous and celebrated.

There is a good correlation between brands and celebrities. However, to do this, you need the tribe to suit the celebrity.

“the celebrity-brand combo is very powerful, but figure out if their tribe matches your brand.”

Conversations should be creative. For this particular speaker, advertising is all about listening and responding in an unexpected way.

In one of his example, he stresses that a popular and well-known celebrity may not correspond well with the message.

How do celebrities use social media?

– Promote new project.

– Launch a brand.

– Showcase a charity.

– Business/deal integration.

– Promoting things.

– Random Life stuffs.

One good example of a conversation between a celebrity and one of his hater:

james blunt


This is a good way to turn a frustrated customer into a brand ambassador.


3. Be human.


”the company that is successful on social media is one that comes across as sounding human.”






And look at how Jeep and Burger King had their conversation after the Twitter hack.




In this topic, the speaker points out that the greatest asset are:

– Good opinions.

–  Customers.


4. Viral content.

a. Content has to grab attention.

“Boil your message to syrupy messages.”

images (1)

b.Sparks your attention.


c.Tapping emotions.


d.Target your influencers.

download (3)


Authentic quality content is important.

e.Make it sharable.


Check out the advertisement by Schwarzkopf. It has 11 million over views.

Few notes:

– Consistently assigned to customer’s goal. (related to customer’s interests)

– Show love.

Attention -> Content -> emotion -> influencers -> sharable

Below is a video which turned out to be a hoax:

These are the contents that usually goes viral.

– Useful & instructional content.

– Breaking news

– Funny and cute content.

– Weird content.

– Controversial content

– Content that features talent, wisdom.

– Content that triggers emotions.

Click here to check out the viral videos.

Few questions to consider before letting your video/content go viral.

–  Are you ready to post more?

–  Are you ready to face the criticisms?

–  Are you ready to take the fame?


5. Good content.

“Effective blogs initiate emotions.”

a.. Adding human connection into it.

Yuna hugs kids

b. Being a good storyteller.



– Nice pictures.


-Healthy sense of pride that attracts people.


– Adding a legend story.

download (2)


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