My 15 favourite Youtube videos.

Click the pictures to check out the videos.

1. Whole wide world by Mindy Gledhill. Listen to this song. It’s kinda sweet. Love the set up.


2. Missing Parts – Jeff Pianki (Cover) by Daniela Andrade. This song makes me wanna cry. I am touched by her gentle voice and sad lyrics.


3. Zheng Fu– Na Ying by Shila Amzah. Great chinese song sung with emotions.

shila amzah courts singapore straits times

4. If I were a boy- Beyonce by G.E.M Tang. Exactly how I feel sometimes in life!


5. Mean girls by Rachel Crow. A beautiful testimony to those who are bullied out there. Keep strong and stay who you are. Never ever give up because you are unique.

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6. Yellow by Coldplay. Very captivating, it feels like you are special just listening to this song.


7. Messi in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 advertisement. Great set up background. I am always fascinated by this video.

download (2)

8. Half of my heart by John Mayer. John Mayer as usual, has my best blues in mind of how everything should sound when you are dishearten.


9. White houses by Vanessa Carlton. Beautiful dance performed by Vanessa Carlton. Love the way she tells her story.


10. Bleeding love by Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura’s hip-hop routine. Beautiful body presentations with the song. Feel touched each time I listen and see this.


11. Because of loveby Faye Wong and Eason Chan. Haunting voice that echoes in my mind often.


12. Bad day by Daniel Powter. Girl, if you are having a bad day today, this song is for you. Don’t get upset of the worldly things. You are a wonderful asset of God!


13. Who says by Serena Gomez. Who says you aren’t pretty?


14. 10,000 reasons to bless the lord by Matt Redman. Great worship song that sings in my head often.


15. Officially missing you– Tamia by Jayesslee. Beautiful harmonising and the “natural feel” around them feels so authentic.

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