Sakura is here.

It is near Spring in Japan and just look at their gorgeous cherry blossoms. They are lovely! Here’s an interesting word for you: Hanami- the centuries-old tradition in Japan that involves picnicking beneath sakura. Their white petals are like the pureness of a woman, so holy and beautifully clean. It’s like sitting under heaven when you are […]

Confident smilies as promised. :)

-In case if you realise, I don’t really take selfies. I don’t really like exposing myself too much to the social media but because of the promise I have made about the posting of confident smilies, I shall post them on behalf of my promise and you, most importantly. -I realise I have a couple […]

6 things to do during a breakdown.

1. Don’t take it all in. Looking at yourself negatively and feeling the burden of the world will not seem right as it brings feelings of increased doubt, low self-esteem and insecurity, which is hard to move forward when you want to communicate a message of change and solution. Quieten yourself. Calm down. 🙂 Find […]

5 ways to try to get creative.

1.Try listening to Reggae songs and piano music. You might get something out. 🙂 Combining both musics will give you a different mix. 2. Know your timing. Some people work better in the morning. Like what Simon Rich, a humour writer say, “I don’t usually have a lot of problems getting stuff done in the morning,” 3. […]

5 ways to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Surprise, World Down Syndrome Day is coming on this Saturday, 21st March. Let’s learn how to celebrate these beautiful children. Click onto the pictures to check out the links. 1. Watch a documentary like Dakota’s Pride and enjoy. Enjoy the small snippets of life and the beautiful documentary from the perspective of a down syndrome […]

A child’s anxieties and worries.

– One day when I was in one of the churches as an volunteer here in Malaysia, I met a very energetic girl who was always running around but not communicating with her other friends. I feel very puzzled by her behaviour but I guess this was how I looked like when I was young […]

Goals in 2014.

-The 2014 me should be described as beautiful and inspired. I am hoping I can put more of my time in make-up and do some fresh new outfit styles but in the meanwhile I shall stick with the monday-friday clothes style as that would make things much simpler so that I can concentrate on the […]

My 10 best Ted ex talks.

Click on the link to view the video. 1.  My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns at TEDxMidAtlantic 2013. Beautiful and humble description of a teenager telling his story. “Surrounding yourselves with people who support you..” was one of his phrase speeches, 2. Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability. I didn’t know about the […]