Nostalgic thoughts.

Feeling very nostalgic? Listen to this album, “Rouge in love” by George Shaw and speak to yourself in your mind and refresh back what you have done and what you are proud of.  Grab a hot chocolate when you are listening to this. Bring a journal to write down your thoughts and draw pictures to express yourself better.

Here’s a quick background of George Shaw:

“George studied composition and film scoring at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, taking part in its world-class Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program.

While there, he studied composition with Frank Ticheli, Donald Crockett and Stephen Hartke.

George plays clarinet, piano, guitar and a variety of exotic woodwind instruments from around the world.

 He resides in Los Angeles, where in his limited free time, he can surf and snowboard in the same day.”

Good album to listen to. Very instrumental.


1. Single Status Update.

2, Win A trip to Paris.

3. Encounter in the Street.

4. Searching Paris for Love.

5. Rouge in love.




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