Like a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a strawberry soda.

That’s how you describe Mindy Gledhill’s song.

5 reasons why this album is so well-loved.

1. Sweet. It’s thoroughly sweet. It’s folk song combined with classic elements is sweet to the mind and the high pitched soothing girls background voice is really nice. It suits the entire purpose.

“…cheery brimming-over of plucky banjo, snappy fingers, and sweet songbird lyrics that we can’t help but adore…” –

2. Inspirational. According to, Gledhill had amassed a library of what she calls, “jotted down pieces of ramblings in random notebooks, on napkins, paper plates, or blank walls that begged for graffiti.” And that’s why her songs has the inspiration of everything, “…practicing, becoming, experimenting, questioning, learning, growing, smiling, celebrating, embracing and loving it all.” as mentioned by hit Hit songwriter/producer Trina Harmon.

3. Genuine. Purely genuine. Remember her chorus from “It’s all about the heart” — Believe me it’s not about the scars, it’s all about the scars.”? This verse really captures my heart. Her songs sounds unrehearsed as her vocal is really the star of all her songs. Each song contains clarity and strength that captures your heart.

“Every word Mindy sings comes from a genuine place. A voice that truly captivates.”–Finn Bjarnson, Grammy-nominated producer

4. There is a story behind each song. For “Trouble No More.” Banjos pluck, fingers snap and the more quirky character of Gledhill’s songwriting begins to come out.  It’s a very cinematic song basically, it has the feel that you are running and capturing pictures along the way while you are running. “I Take Flight” continues the upward swing incorporated by the beautiful bell-ringing swell of strings that smartly comprehends the background. “Oh No!,” recaptures all Gledhill’s strengths: character, charm, complex arrangement and a dynamic vocal performance.

“Picture Show” is romantic and slightly nostalgic. “Shadow Children” continues this capturing trend, a touching and softly-smudged reflection of childhood that brings memory and lifts this record to another level. And the dreamy “Honey,” is like a love letter to a lover in their down moments.

My personal favourite “Pocketful of Poetry” is a story about her and her dreamy moments of describing herself filled with songs and poetry.

Click here to support her album.


1. Pocketful of poetry.

2. Trouble no more.

3. I take flight.

4. Little red bike.

5. Oh No!

6. Picture show.

7. Shadow children.

8. Honey.

9. Finding home.

10. Bedtime song.





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