Let’s keep we forever.


The title of this post of 4 words is the feelings that I felt for this song.

It’s album, “rabbits on the run”, is one of the top 51 albums best-seller in Amazon in the year 2011.  And whether Vanessa Carlton is concious or not, there are a lot of British elements in this album. To me, the album’s very “pop blue”, which are one of my favourite genres nowadays. It is very piano-music orientated. So for piano-lovers and soft pop ballad lovers out there, this may be one of the album you may like.

Though I don’t fancy all of the songs there is one particular song that I like and it’s called “I don’t want to be a bride.”

2 reasons why you should hear this song.

1. It appeals to young females nowadays. I love the song because it’s so relevant to young females nowadays. It gives me the thinking that marriage is just a paper and that what binds two lovers together is the love they have for each other. The love they have for each other is not about whether or not it’s based on wearing white or golden ring.

It struck me so much that I keep on listening to it over and over again. To everyone, marriage is a different definition. And to me, it’s love with humility and patience; strength given by God to honour him. So if someone tells you that for marriage is a grave for lovers, it’s not. Tells you that marriage is a beautiful white bride, it’s not. Tells you that marriage is an expensive agreement between two lovers, it don’t have to be.

For more information for being in love and advice, you can read this book, called “boy meets girl”. Here is the link for the book review. It’s a pretty good book for dating. Just have a look.

2. It questions marriage. Husband and wives are a very generic definition for two lovers who has signed an agreement together. They are still lovers, just that they are telling the world bravely that they are bounded for each other, are in love with each other and wants to be together.

It’s an agreement basing on the two lovers who are insanely crazy for each other and that when sometimes there is an argument, they still need strength from God; With marriage still is, without marriage still is too.

Here is for the lyrics for the chorus part:

“But I don’t wanna be a bride
Apologies to your mother
I wanna be your girl
And spend this life with you
But I don’t wanna wear white
You know it’s too late for that
But can we keep the ever after?
Oh could it be”

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