Nostalgic thoughts.

Feeling very nostalgic? Listen to this album, “Rouge in love” by George Shaw and speak to yourself in your mind and refresh back what you have done and what you are proud of.  Grab a hot chocolate when you are listening to this. Bring a journal to write down your thoughts and draw pictures to express yourself […]

8 beautiful things you should appreciate.

1. Good music. Like Mindy Glehill’s all about your heart, George Shaw’s underneath your heart, John Mayer’s half of your heart. Great good old music. 2. A beautiful sunset. The orange, yellow and red combined to produce one of the world’s most beautiful setting seen all over the world! Coupled with the beautiful breeze that […]

Let’s keep we forever.

  The title of this post of 4 words is the feelings that I felt for this song. It’s album, “rabbits on the run”, is one of the top 51 albums best-seller in Amazon in the year 2011.  And whether Vanessa Carlton is concious or not, there are a lot of British elements in this album. To […]

It’s well with my soul

Introducing Continuum by John Mayer whom is a world acclaimed song-writer who strikes up a roar in the world as his music gets recognition. And he was described as “the seven-time Grammy Award winner who has earned accolades for each album release while selling in excess of 17 million albums worldwide.” It’s not his achievements that grabbed […]